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VB batch printing - plotter problems

Question asked by Nicola Zanarini on Jan 27, 2018

Hello everyone,


I have written some code to batch-print files based on their name (can't post code at the moment as left it on the work PC).
The code works fine on the printer (for A4 and A3 pages) and can figure out if the drawing goes to printer or plotter, but when sending drawings to the plotter, they all get printed on an elongated A0 paper, regardless of the settings.


I am assuming this is a problem with paper codes - I've been unable to find any reference, but so far here is what I gathered for paper codes:


A4 =9
A3 = 8
A2 = 66
A1 = 135
A0 =?


Can anyone confirm/fill the missing codes in?


Thank you very much in advance,