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Show Components of sub-assembly in bill of materials-SW2017

Question asked by John Kreutzberger on Jan 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by Brian Herr

I recently started using SW 2017 and am on sp5. The first few mold designs I did with this version did not require a drawing but this one does and will have a bill of materials. This mold design contains 3 sub-assemblies. For one of them, I do not want to show the individual parts in the BOM but for the other 2, I DO want to see the components parts in the BOM. I am used to controlling this in the configuration properties of each sub-assembly. All of the check boxes I am used to seeing are still there but they don't seem to work. I cannot figure out how to show the parts of the sub-assemblies in the BOM. This release has been out for over a year, so there must be a way to do this. Can anyone help me? Thanks!