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Out of Memory Message

Question asked by Gordon Metcalfe on Feb 4, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by 1-70W0UV
I am running both better memory Meter and FreeRAM XP Pro 1.52. on my standalone installation.
Today I had related files open: a part, drawing, assembly doc. After a couple of minor part edits, save, then up pops memory message from hell.
Both meters were dipping fairly quickly but only hit about 42% memory available at the time of crash.

Second incident, when sectioning a model in an assembly, and both meters suddenly nose-dived to absolute zero and the message came up.
At that point I gave it a boost on the latter program, set for a 512MB memory boost and it read back a resulting 23% gain in available memory, verified on the adjacent Better meter. I then selected the error message 'try again' button and she crashed.

Once the message comes up you are meat. The buttons should say: 'go ahead make me crash' or 'I am crashing either way'.

The only other app I had open was Firefox playing a radio station.

I periodically use the feature on FreeRAM XP to purge memoryand often reboot midday. The models are not huge nor complex, they are fluid assemblies and the drawings open up fairly quickly. I do drawing sheets sets in nomore than three pages.

I endeavor to use good mating practices, planes and faces in that order of preference and construct larger models in tiered sub-assemblies.
I don't use 'undo' much, I usually choose to edit my way out if possible, though that can be when bad things happen.
My methods have worked for me through various releases but this one has been particularly problematic, I am sorry to say.

The meters are not even counting the the 512 MB DDR3 in the graphics card, as far as I know. I cannot see system memory being the issue here, from what I see.
Two memory meters that consistently output virtually identical readings that indicate some there is usually at least 1.5 gig available vs. a software memory leak or bottleneck.

Oh yeah, and auto-save failed me both times but that is a another beef.

It seems to me that SolidWorks might have some difficulty purging memory compared to earlier releases.

Anyone that might have experienced this figured out a solution?