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What is wrong with exploded line sketches in Solidworks 2018?

Question asked by Kurt Gaetano on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by Maxim Lester

Here's my issue:

I am just trying to create exploded views & explode line sketches of relatively simple assemblies, like I have been doing for years in previous versions of Solidworks. There have always been minor issues with exploded views, like the exploded line sketches losing references to parts when something in the assembly changes, but it has always been manageable. Now that they have "Improved" the exploded line feature, it seem nearly impossible to do a simple exploded view without the whole view blowing up when adding explode lines.


I have a small assembly (11 parts).

I Create an exploded view, moving the parts into appropriate positions (in an isometric view).

I add explode lines (2) through the centers of holes, fasteners, and components (the old fashioned way using "Route Line" - not with "Smart Explode Lines").

As soon as I finish the explode line sketch & click the "Exit Sketch" icon, all the parts move from where I had placed them. I end up wit the parts way further away from each other than I want.

If I then move them back into position, the sketch lines are now sticking way out beyond the parts.


If I do use the "Smart Explode Lines" then it creates multiple (8) lines through centers of components that are in-line and on axis where 1 line  would be all that's required. It also seems to create lines that are not on any axis of cylindrical features that are not necessary.


Anyone else seeing this kind of behavior? I haven't had enough time yet working with the "Smart Explode Lines" to know the fine points and whether it will actually be any real benefit to me. It seems very strange that adding explode lines with the "Route Line" tool could actually change the positions of the parts in the explode. Never saw that in previous releases.


Maybe it's a setting somewhere or something else on my system?...