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How to develop multiple sets of drawings (of varying complexity) from one single model

Question asked by Olivier Gandou on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Anthony Villaflores

So I have this design, for which I have a detailed model.


I need to develop one set of drawings for this design with what I would call a low level of details. Some of the parts should not even be shown. I want to show a few key dimensions but not much... this is just to show the basics of the design. Let's call this set #1.


Then I need another set of drawings with a little more details (set #2). Some of the parts not shown on the previous set (#1) should be shown here. More dimensions should be shown... this set #2 will be used as basis for detailed design calculations.


Finally I need another set (#3), which will have the greatest level of details. Everything needs to be shown in this one. It will be used for fabrication of the design.


Optional: I'd like to develop one last set of drawings (#4) for a mockup of the design. Ideally it'd be based off of the same model the other sets are based on, but some features may be slightly different. Level of details to be somewhere between sets #2 and #3...


All of these sets should have their own BOMs of course, and the items not shown in set #1 for example should also be hidden in the BOM.


What is the best way to go about this? Using configurations? We use them at work but find them unstable...