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PDM Pro administration/implementation training?

Question asked by Tom Benedict on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by John Matrishon


I am asking for your help with how to up my game with regards to being a PDM Administrator.  I have taken all the courses our VAR offers and am plenty comfortable with tweaking workflows and users/groups after an implementation by our VAR, but I want to learn more!  Basically, I want to get to an application engineer level of understanding so I can do my own implementations from scratch.  I am a CAD Administrator with 20+ years of CAD experience and a CIS degree so I know I'm capable, I just can't find any good sources to take me to that next level.


  • If you are capable of doing an implementations from scratch, how did you get there?
  • What are the absolute necessary things to know and can you point to certain training or material you used?


Any and all advice is appreciated!