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Packages for deliverables - how to create in PDM

Question asked by Alar Jogi on Jan 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Barbara Jerin

We are a project based company and quite often we must send out different packages to customers and/or suppliers.


have anybody better approach than copying documents to a folder and then zipping this. (complicated if rules do not allow duplicate file names in system)

In here I mean Documents, PDF-s, SW Files etc.


Another idea is to use Item explorer for that but I did not find a way to actually pull out all the documents inside an item.


Does anybody have a good idea how to make it more automated?


Complicated topic, I know.

Ideally would look like this - create a deliverable package - click documents you want to add to this package and everything else is compiled into one folder (or even zipped file) automatically, important is to keep references version based, even if the whole system is always latest.


For example, the result is:
Package to customer_2018.01.22   (folder)
Package to  (zipped file)


Maybe one option is to make empty zip file as a template and then the user just drags files in, what is needed ...