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Equation Driven Line crashes solidworks

Question asked by Michael Abramson on Jan 26, 2018



I'm currently working on creating an equation driven line in solidworks (((1/R)*x^2)/(1+(1-((1+K)*(1/R)^2*x^2))^(1/2)))+(D*x^2)+(E*x^4)+(F*x^6)+(G*x^8)+(H*x^10)+(J*x^12)+(L*x^14)+(M*x^16). (All letters are variables with known values other than x). While creating this equation driven line, solidworks is capable of creating a line if I include the entire equation up to (L*x^14). However, as soon as I try to add the M*x^16 value, it crashes solidworks. Is this normal , is this the limitation of solidworks or is there a workaround to create the equation driven line without crashing solidworks?