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Decal image not rendering - png contained within part file

Question asked by Chris Berry on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by Steve Barnes

I recently added a simple decal to the top of a switch which is now part my companies part library. To save having an extra file/image in with the components & running the risk of it getting lost or deleted, I made the decal self-contained within the part (by ticking the option in the Document Properties > Model Display)


The only issue I have now is that the decal isn’t appearing when I render the part in Photoview 360. To make matters worse it now asks for the original PNG file of the decal when I render an assembly which contains the switch. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original PNG file.


Is there a way of rendering the part so that the decal shows? Or is there a way to export the original PNG file back out of the part?