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Hiding Extension Lines on a dimension

Question asked by Robert Weimer on Jan 26, 2018
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Hi all,


I was searching through previously asked questions about hiding extension lines on a diameter dimension, and even checked out a post from last august, but I think discussion has been closed on that thread so here is a continuation.


In the earlier post, hiding the extension line was a problem, and a solution was offered that changes the dimension to a linear dimension.  That method worked for getting rid of the extension line, and kept the dimension text horizontal like I have all of the other dimensions in the drawing, but it doesn't have the little extension line on the text line.


Also in the earlier post, a method was discussed about just selecting the arc nearest where I am goin to put the dimension.  I was unable to accomplish anything with that method, and as such decided that I just don't have what it takes.  Typically I get a radius dimension, and when I change it to a diameter, I get what you see here.

Notice the extension line crosses over the gap and thus makes the view look like something other than it should.


I was able to get rid of the extension line and create the look I am going for, but the method is involved.  I put the snap shot below.

So, I made a layer called hidden, created a circle In a sketch, then dimensioned that, and hid the circle on the layer hidden from view.  This works, but it seems way too involved for me to do every time I want to get rid of the extension line.  It would be nice if I could just hide the extension line like on other dimension types.  So could someone give me a class on the easy way to accomplish the look I want.