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Request for Equivalent SWX Technique in Creo 3.0

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2018 by Dennis Dohogne

This question is about identifying a technique in Creo 3.0 similar to what I am showing in SWX.  I have a client using Creo and showed them this technique and they like it very much.  We have a huge language barrier so I am asking you users on this forum that have experience Creo for help in identifying the equivalent technique.



  1. A part file of a raw casting exists.  In this case the file name is “SWX17_2338_47 Head”.
  2. A separate part file uses Insert -> Part to reference this casting as the starting geometry.
  3. This new part file for the machined version has the document properties for the colors of any cutting features set to a contrasting color:
  4. The machining file now shows all places where the part is machined to be something like this:


The big advantage of this technique is that it is a parametric file version of the real world.  There is one part number for the casting (and one part file).  There is a separate part file showing the cuts made to the casting to turn it into another part number.  The machining part file cannot inadvertently change the casting file. (This is the problem of using different configurations in the same part file to show both the casting and the machined versions – it is too easy to accidentally change the casting. Besides, this technique makes it easy to have a file-specific color setting for all the features that remove material.)



What are the steps involved in Creo to achieve a similar result?


Thanks in advance!!

- - -Dennis