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    Excel COM API

    Mahendra Manjunath

      Hello fellow SW users,


      I would like to address the recent issue in SolidWorks Inspection Software and seek suggestions from you all to figure out the solution.

      After Creating a Balloon draft and while Exporting through Excel Option I am finding error as "Some Problems Occurred in Excel COM API" as shown in attachment.

      I have tried updating Microsoft 365 and also reinstalled SolidWorks inspection software, but there was no helpful result.

      Can someone who is familiar with this error, Please help me out?


      Thank You,


      Best Regards


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          Elmar Klammer

          I had issues with xlam addins after a recend Windows 10 upate. Not sure if it is related.

          The error was flagged to be Visual basic related and excel couldn't open the addin.

          It seemed to be a security restriction but I wasn't apple to pin point a fix.

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            Kevin Chandler



            Have you tried searching the forum for previous posts?





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              Jacob Corder

              this is a question for your VAR.


              its not an API question.


              to find a resolution, one thing you can do is Download Windbg64


              Attach it to Solidworks.


              Watch for errors. if your lucky it will tell you the problem.


              chances are that the DLL that Solidworks inspection was using has changed. they are using the installed version of excel and the interop library associated with that install. they didn't package or embed interop types in their code. 


              this is just my assumption.