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Initial spikes in motor torques

Question asked by Kirkwood Hines on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Rudolf Van den Berg

Hello everybody!


I'm running a motion analysis to determine the force a linear motor would need to output to open a hatch (axis of rotation is horizontal). I'm happy with most of my results except for the very beginning of my simulation when the actuator starts pushing. I get a huge spike in the output force! I've seen this is a few other peoples results browsing around.


I've tried giving the simulation some dead time before I have the motor move and torque start but it doesn't seem to matter. In fact even if I don't have the opposed torque applied I still get a spike.


My assumption is that this is a solver limitation and I should just fix it in post processing the data. Need to do that anyways because the graphing capabilities of Motion are a hot pile of garbage.


In the attached picture the motor and torque begin at 0s and finish at 3s. The data after .1s looks good but that's skipping the most important part.