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Surface cuts, Mold cavity, and Extrude to surface.

Question asked by John Morzfeld on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by John Morzfeld

Hi everyone.  My first post here.


We build nesting fixtures for composite panels. 


Each panel is different and some are very complex with hundreds or thousands of surfaces.


Each panel nest fixture contains about 50 nest blocks positioned around the panel in a strategic manner to hold the part flat and steady.


I am currently using surface cut while in assembly mode.  In the assembly mode, I click on edit part (nest block), and then offset the surface of the panel and then cut the nest block with that surface.


This can take some time, especially when you cant see the little triangle surfaces and get the cut error.  I paint the surface black to find them all.


Anyway.  I can also extrude my nest block up to the part and that works great and is a lot faster, but the file size increases way to much to be usable.  We end up with 50 copies of the panel file in each assembly (one for each nest block.)


Was wondering if anyone had any tricks to cut nest blocks to complex surfaces without having to select every little surface or use extrude to surface and kieep the file size low.


Thank you.  Have a great day.