Justin WOOD

SWW2018 Top Ten List: Less than a week left to Vote!

Discussion created by Justin WOOD Employee on Jan 25, 2018



Thank you to everyone who has voted and commented in this year’s top ten list; we’ve had just over 6000 votes cast so far.  These votes show us your top ten most important enhancements, which will be announced at SOLIDWORKS World.  Also, it’s a chance for you to see other users’ ideas and comment on those.  With your input, we can see the kinds of improvements that are popular among all of our users.


Also, don't think that just because an idea doesn't have enough votes to make it to the Top Ten, we won't consider it.  All ideas are carefully considered by SOLIDWORKS development, but only the Top Ten ideas are presented at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 in Los Angeles.


Even if you’re not going to SOLIDWORKS World this year, let us know what you think by voting.  Voting closes next Wednesday morning (~7AM EST), so get all your votes in soon!


Please, VOTE to have your voice heard.


Happy Voting!