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Best learning materials for designing plastic enclosures for electronics?

Question asked by Tim Payne on Jan 25, 2018



I've been through the training materials at SolidProfessor and have a good grasp on the tools and methods for modeling objects in SolidWorks.  So I understand how to USE the software, but I don't understand the practices and approaches of building something.  The target material is finished molded plastic materials (ABS / PC).


I'm trying to learn more specifically how you build actual products (all the small details, where the bosses go, best practices for mating multiple pieces, as opposed to modelling just the exterior of an object.  I don't want to learn how to make the exterior details of a sports car, I want to understand how to do all of the interior modelling and structures below the shiny outside surface.


What exactly am I looking for, can anyone make some recommendations of where I could go to get to the next level?