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Showing Certain Dimensions

Discussion created by Dennis Dohogne on Jan 24, 2018
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I think this would be a very helpful option to have so I added the comment below to Glenn's "Show Feature Dimensions" for Individual Features.  If you think this would be good to have then please go there and add your vote to the idea.


Perhaps we could have the option (I love options in SWX) to show all dimensions where we have changed the dimension name from their defaults.  For example let's say we have D1@sketch10 and D2@sketch10 and we change D2 to Outside_Diameter.  I would like Outside_Diameter to display, but not D1.  Now THIS would be very handy as it would allow us to display just those dimensions we want.  Currently it is an all or nothing scenario and has a lot of clutter to wade through when we are looking for just the few.