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    More on eDrawings

    Christian Chu

      Dan Pihlaja Christian Chu It is available in the 3$ version on mobile too, though I don't really see the use of it because the way it works is you print a QR code on a sheet and then point your mobile at it and the QR code will generate a model in your camera. As I said, I don't really see the use.

      Well, Actually I use it each time I present my design to the sale team. The question always comes up is what's the size of the new design comparing to the existing products?

      The true is I can overlay  all assembles in the SW and capture the images; however, sometimes it's nice to show the new design in a real enviroment such as your office or desk. Then AR comes in handy to show  your design on a desk surrouned by other real objects as what you're watching football game

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          Alex Lachance

          It must not work the same was as it works on mobiles I guess.


          On mobile it prints a ''Letter'' format sheet with a QR code on it that has 80mm x 80mm. My assemblies are roughly 16 150mm. It kind of renders the whole thing useless to me since it's not really up to scale. I'd rather just display it on 2 monitors.