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The plague of Locate/open replaced file has struck me.

Question asked by Josh Hixon on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Josh Hixon

Just to start with, I can't attach the model as it is for work related parts. But here is the million dollar question(paid out in pocket lint.). How do I kill this permanently?



I have a single assembly in our entire vault that has been doing this to me with every component in the entire assembly. I know that files have all been moved around a whole bunch in the past, and I assume this has caused the issue. The weird part, I am the only one in the company with this issue. Everyone else can pull the same assembly and have no issues. I have cleared my local cache, even logged on under a different PDM user, and still get the issue. It is unbearable, inconceivable, I will be bald soon if something doesn't get fixed.  Oh and if I select open from the original location, the assembly opens fine, otherwise it pulls open the wrong version of a few (10 or 12) components.