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Idling Solidworks excessive CPU usage

Question asked by Chr. RP on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Chr. RP

Solidworks when idling (waiting for user input or being minimized to the taskbar) uses one core of the CPU essentially doing nothing. This CPU usage is so large that when actually rebuilding a model, Solidworks uses only a few percent more CPU. I am using Win10 on a Dell Precision 5520 workstation with Xeon processor but I think that this is a common effect found on other system as well. Since mine is a laptop-workstation, Solidworks "sucks" the battery empty even if it is just open, minimized, and not used. My Current workaround: I open any pop-up window such as the options window. This drops the CPU usage to very little until this window is closed again. Thus, I guess that Solidworks keeps polling the user-interface every couple of milliseconds and 'fries" CPU power running some kind of endless loop. This is a problem for a mobile workstation that needs to travel with me and lives off a battery.


Is there some option in Solidworks that can reduces the CPU usage when Solidworks minimized and not doing anything but wait?