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Parts, assemblies and drawings  disappearing?

Question asked by Nigel Blain on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Nigel Blain

Over the past few months we have had problems with parts, assemblies and drawings seeming to disappear from our server. The files seem to be being deleted, but no one has consciously done this. Unfortunately, we only know this has happened when the assembly, part or drawing is opened sometime later. For instance, today a simple assembly was opened, and all the bushes were there, but the underlying part had gone. Fortunately, we use a daily cloud backup, so much of this we have been able recover. The common link in all this is Solidworks, we don't seem have any such problems with files created by any other software package. I was therefore wondering if anyone here had ever experienced anything like this, or maybe it's something about the way we are using Solidworks (although we've used it for several years without any such issues) ?


(Just to mention, I am not the Solidworks user, just the guy trying to retrieve the lost files and figure out what the problem is)