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what new app you'd most like for Solidworks?

Question asked by Venessa Storm on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Jason Martin
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Hi guys i'm an app developer and also a solidworks enthusiast!

I've recently been hired by a company to create a smartphone app (both android and iPhone) - BUT I need YOUR help to give me ideas what the app should do...?


I'm thinking more along the lines of something fun and cool, not too much "work" related, but something the user (the person) using solidworks would like to have on their phone


I'm trying to make this app go viral and spread across the world, there are over 2 million of us solidworks users and my dream is to have that many people using this app BUT I NEED YOUR HELP for that to work. I need to really be in touch with what you guys really would think is cool in an app?


Some ideas I had were:

- "napkin sketching" app that lets you freehand sketch on your phone/tablet and then instantly transfers it right into solidworks

- "UI Extension" app that puts buttons and gestures onto your phone so you can have a mini "keyboard" or GUI that does different solidworks commands (and it would look sweet too like alien symbols or something, lol)

- "Vibrate Notification" app that vibrates your phone either when an event happens (e.g. a simulation gets done) or it could maybe vibrate when two parts collide together, like force feedback!



But these were just off the top of my head, I REALLY NEED your help to direct me on what I should do?


What would YOU think is a cool and awesome app???