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    Revit RFA into SolidWorks

    Matt Graves

      I'd like to be able to import an rfa model - which I believe is a 3D model type used by Revit for library items - into SW. I know that Revit can export a .sat file, but of course I don't have Revit.

      Does anyone know of a third party converter? Preferably freeware? Revit has a 30day trial version, but I'd rather not go thru the hassle of downloading and installing such a lrge program.

      More importantly, does anyone have any experience with rfa files? Am I correct in my assumption that the 3d data will be worth importing, or will it be trash like 3Ddwg files?

      Thanks much,
        • Revit RFA into SolidWorks
          Jeff Mirisola
          I've done plenty of importing from Revit, but the files have always been *.sat files. Aside from a couple of small things, the 3D data has always been fine.
          How big is the file? You may be able to get someone with Revit to convert for you.
            • Revit RFA into SolidWorks
              Christopher Thompson
              With the Scanto3D add-in, SolidWorks can import these additional file types:

              Mesh Files (*.NZIP;*.NXM;*.SCN;*.3DS;*.OBJ;*.STL;*.WRL;*.PLY;*.PLY2)

              PointCloud Files (*.XYZ;*.TXT;*.ASC;*.VDA;*.IGS;*.IBL)

              I do not see an option for importing RFA files into SolidWorks. Here is a product that can view RFA files called DwgGrid. I do not see anything mentioned about file conversion, and have not used this product myself. If you contact them, perhaps they could provide a recommendation.
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              Tom Gagnon

              I realize this is an old topic, but updating it as same now as it was then. As far as I know, SolidWorks still does not import *.rfa files. All search results I found also confirmed that Revit is completely proprietary, so that if you do not have the software, you cannot open or convert it, although Revit users can export in more open and neutral formats (but they don't afaik). Please correct me if you know otherwise.


              I'm beginning to see product information downloadable from manufacturers in Revit format. All of them have been as *.rfa, and none that I have seen are also available as *.sat files. No converters are available from what I've found.


              There is a 30-day trial available for Fusion 360 (a 2013 CAD-tips post I'd found mentioned using Fusion as an interoperability converter), but I don't know if I want to activate that for one file conversion. Does anyone have experience with this? I may try it out on another PC.