Jim Sculley

Where do you store your data cards?

Discussion created by Jim Sculley on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by Tina Downing

The data card displayed for a file is controlled by two things: the file extension and the directory where the file is located (if a data card is saved there).  Often, I would like to have a little more fine grained control over this.  For example, we use MS Word documents for a variety of document types that really need different data cards.  It seems that the only options in this scenario are:


  1. Put all Word documents of the same type in the same folder (or below a common parent folder) and save the appropriate data card there.
  2. Have copies of the same data card in every folder where files of a given type might be found.


In a project based environment, the first option keeps you from having all documents for a project under the same project folder.  The second option falls apart if you need two different document types with the same extension in the same folder.  It is also a maintenance nightmare if you need to change the design of the card.


Data cards need to have as much flexibility as is provided for putting files into categories/workflows.  One might even argue that the folder location should be irrelevant and that the workflow a file is in should dictate what card is displayed.  This would open the possibility for state specific data cards.


How are you dealing with this deficiency?