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    Where do you store your data cards?

    Jim Sculley

      The data card displayed for a file is controlled by two things: the file extension and the directory where the file is located (if a data card is saved there).  Often, I would like to have a little more fine grained control over this.  For example, we use MS Word documents for a variety of document types that really need different data cards.  It seems that the only options in this scenario are:


      1. Put all Word documents of the same type in the same folder (or below a common parent folder) and save the appropriate data card there.
      2. Have copies of the same data card in every folder where files of a given type might be found.


      In a project based environment, the first option keeps you from having all documents for a project under the same project folder.  The second option falls apart if you need two different document types with the same extension in the same folder.  It is also a maintenance nightmare if you need to change the design of the card.


      Data cards need to have as much flexibility as is provided for putting files into categories/workflows.  One might even argue that the folder location should be irrelevant and that the workflow a file is in should dictate what card is displayed.  This would open the possibility for state specific data cards.


      How are you dealing with this deficiency?