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    Laptop compatibility

    Aliff Firdaus Suhaimi

      Hi, I planned to buy Asus FX553VD for my study. Is it possible to install Solidworks? Because Asus brand was not included in the certified graphic cards and drivers list. So, is it will be okay if I install Solidworks in that laptop?

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          Jeff Holliday

          There is no definite answer to your question. SW will likely run on non-approved hardware but there will be more problems experienced than with a fully-approved computer. The extent of the problems will depend on what features you are using on a regular basis. Things like surfacing and irregular geometry will take more resources and cause more problems.


          I always suggest buying a unit that meets at least the minimum suggested requirements. There are places to save money doing it. For example, Dell has an outlet dealing with workstations for small-to-mid businesses which has good prices.


          Spending any amount of money on a system that ends up not working well enough is wasted if you have to then turn around and buy something else.

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            Todd Blacksher

            This appears to be a gaming laptop, so the question is: Will you be spending more time working on SOLIDWORKS or more time gaming?

            (There are a lot of gamers that will buy a laptop like this, and are able to use it occasionally for SOLIDWORKS.)

            If you will be using the laptop primarily for SOLIDWORKS, you should be able to get a refurbished Dell Precision Workstation laptop for about the same price.

            There are a lot of other options available, but the first question to ask yourself is "What is the main reason for buying this laptop?"

            If the answer is "SOLIDWORKS", do yourself a favor and choose based on the system recommendations -

            SOLIDWORKS | Hardware & System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS

            You will be glad that you did,


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              Vladimir Urazhdin

              8GB DDR4 RAM is not enough, SSHD would be a better choice too.