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PDF export sheet total incorrect

Question asked by Logan Pegler on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Logan Pegler

Hi there,

We are successfully using PDM to export our PDF's and DXF's from SolidWorks drawing files.

The DXF task takes any drawing file with a sheet labelled DXF and outputs this.

The PDF task takes any drawing file and outputs all sheets EXCEPT those labelled DXF.

As a whole this is working great, however one small issue we noticed was that due to the PDF task excluding the DXF page, the total number of sheets indicated on the title block is incorrect in the pdf. The titleblock on a page in the PDF would read 'Page 1 of 3', when there are only 2 sheets exported to DXF. As this is a property on the title block I don't think it is something we could change in the PDF task so I was wondering if anyone out there had any sneaky solutions I can't think of.


Some catches:

We cannot export the DXF out from the part file as we need to add grain direction + we have a small titleblock in the DXF containing important information about plate size, part number etc. This is not something we wish to add manually afterwards.

We don't wish to manage the DXF sheet as a separate drawing file inside PDM as there could be a chance it falls out of date with updates to the file.

Not all drawings have a DXF page, so for some it currently reads correct. This means we can't have a "Total Sheets - 1" property or similar.


Look forward to seeing some extra suggestions!