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    turn off performance evaluation popup

    James Barnes

      so how do I get rid of this popup every time I open a file?


      I've looked in Options but can't seem to find anywhere to kill it off.

      Solidworks 2018 SP1 running on Win7.

      didn't have this annoying )*#&&% in 2017.


      any body know the way?



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          Shaodun Lin

          Yes you can turn off



          And turn it on later on.

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              James Barnes

              well clicked as shown...

              closed SW and restarted. First assembly opened I could see the checkbox. so I checked it.


              this popup still comes up. without the checkbox...

              sometimes it goes away, sometimes not.

              if I were concerned with how long it took to open files it would be OK but I don't really care,

              assemblies here are just not that large.


              other ideas how to disable completely?



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              Alin Vargatu

              Help File dixit: 2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Assembly Open Progress Indicator


              You can suppress the Assembly Open Progress indicator by selecting Do not show again. To restore the progress indicator, click Tools > Options > System Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings, and select Assembly Open Progress Indicator.


              If you enable the No preview during open (faster) option, the Do not show again option does not appear. To disable the No preview during open (faster) option, click  Tools > Options > System Options > Performance to clear the option.

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                  James Barnes

                  No preview during open is Not Checked.

                  Have suppressed, clicked the do not show on popup show above when it does have it.

                  popup still showing. sometimes goes away quickly, sometime it doesn't.


                  did not have this annoyance in 2017 version.

                  small things driving me mad this week I guess.

                  what ever happened to the windows hour glass...?



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                  Bob Heineman

                  Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I recently installed SW18 and have the same issue.


                  It popped up on the first assembly, I checked to disable it, and it still shows up when I open assemblies but now without the option to disable it; even though I did that.


                  I tried the other suggestions mentioned and none of those worked.


                  This is frustrating and is an enhancement that doesn't add any value for us but is an annoyance.



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                    Nick Birkett-Smith

                    I've tested this on some sample assemblies and I wasn't able to see the same problem - after I checked "Do not show again" the progress indicator didn't appear when opening another assembly.


                    Since we haven't been able to reproduce the workflow here, please contact your reseller and ask them to help troubleshoot the issue. If there is a bug it will result in an SPR, please share that SPR number here.


                    Just some additional points:

                    1) The progress indicator should automatically disappear if your assembly opened in under 60s. Are you finding that it's sticking around even for files that open under 60s?

                    2) For assemblies that took over 60s, it stays on screen so you can review the performance information and optionally go directly to the Performance Evaluation tool, however clicking anywhere in the SOLIDWORKS window will dismiss it - you don't need to click on the 'X' to do this.

                    3) We included the ability to disable it for those who don't like it, but it seems there are some cases where that's not working, hence my suggestion that you troubleshoot this with your reseller.

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                        James Barnes

                        may be a bug... I don't really care at this point. as I said I learned to ignore it.

                        the fact that it is there in the first place is the annoying itch in my side. I feel that it is a case of, do it because we can, not because it serves a useful purpose. but.. maybe someone thinks it's cool.... models open when they open.

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                          Elmar Klammer

                          Hi Nick,


                          Nice to see that SW offers good, descriptive info on the functionality of new tools. Maybe the "Just some additional points" should be included into the help file. Even point 3). Why not be up front about it. It's going to show regardless whether SW is showing to be transparent or not so much.


                          I agree with James Barnes. So why make this a default "on" setting if it can be accessed as a feature function. I have a hard time believing that this added display will reduce opening time in general. I would say it increases opening time due to added overhead.