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Why doesn't mirror component work in 2018 SP1.0?

Question asked by Jory Blagden on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Alex Lachance

I swear to the Heavenly father that if this software doesn't improve during 2018 this company is going to crap-can it. Almost $10K a year to maintain something that doesn't work.


Simple assembly. A few boards, a few metal legs, and can't even mirror a component correctly. Ran the Rx2018 to capture video. The video is so jumpy that a person can't even tell what is going on in it.


When done capturing tells me it can't be shut down...please shut down. *slams head on desk.


Crash Note.PNG


Then is says "click here to browse to the zip file location!" ...and does absolutely nothing.

None Link.PNG


The "Stability" stake has been driven in this company for the last 12 months by every swinging hammer that I know of....and yet.....we've had it installed a few weeks and are already praying for the release of the next service pack. Absolute crap.


The legs on the right are "mirrored components" of the legs on the left. Doesn't look like a dang mirror to me.

Simple assembly, fully defined.


Mirror Components. Select the plane down the middle and the two legs on the left side.

Mirror 1.PNG


The beautiful result. I mean, I'm not working but with 9 components in this assy. All are fully defined. No errors or warnings anywhere.


Can anyone explain this glorious phenomenon?