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SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Group Transportation from LAX Airport

Discussion created by Deepak Gupta on Jan 23, 2018
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Rick McDonald started it last year and with just 2 weeks away from SWW18, I thought I would wake it up. OK, let's put up on how we can travel as groups from airport to our hotels and back.


Please include: arrival time, Airline, and hotel.


Deepak Gupta  : Arriving Sunday (4th) 10:35 AM - United Airlines 210, Staying at Sheraton Grand. Departing on Thursday (8th) 11:24 AM

Kameron Smith  : Arriving Saturday (3rd) 12:00 PM, Southwest Airlines, 2679, Heading directly to Convention Center for Alpha/Beta Sessions.

Chris Scarlett : Arriving Saturday (3rd) 9:17 AM- Alaska 428, Staying at Airbnb near the convention center

Todd Blacksher  : Arriving Saturday (3rd) 9:31 AM - United 1093, Staying at Omni

Tony Cantrell : Arriving Saturday (3rd) 11:51 AM - DL 1405, Staying at Omni

Dave Furry : Arriving Saturday (3rd) 8:50 am - Delta , Staying at Millenium Biltmore

Dennis Dohogne /Rick Becker  : Arriving Sunday (4th) 12:06 PM - American Airlines, Staying at Sheraton Grand

Bill Gans-King / Mike Peterson/Derek Zimmerman: Arriving Sunday (4th) 9:55 AM - Southwest Airlines 2443, Staying at Millennium Biltmore

Alin Vargatu: Arriving Saturday (3rd) 10:41 AM - Air Canada AC791, Staying at JW Mariott

James Adkins: Arriving Saturday (3rd) 9:50 AM - Delta 1097, Staying at O Hotel

Grant Mattis: Arriving Friday(2nd) 9:50 AM - Air Canada, AC 787, Staying at Millennium Biltmore

Rajat Jain: Arriving Sunday (4th) 10:35 AM - United Airlines 210, Staying at LA Hotel Downtown. Departing on Thursday (8th)

Randal Adams: Arriving Sunday (4th) 10:40 AM - American Airlines 1174, Staying at O hotel

Dan Riffell: Arriving Saturday (3rd) 1:00 PM at Terminal 7 and departing on on Thursday (8th) 9:30 AM

John Lee : Arriving Saturday (3rd)  11:25 AM - WestJet 1696, Staying at JW Marriott

Brad Meador : Arriving Sunday (4th) afternoon, Staying at The Freehand in downtown

Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg : Arriving Saturday (3rd) 12:51 PM, Staying at O Hotel

Mike Sveda  : Arriving Saturday (3rd) 12:41 PM (Terminal 7)



Important maps and other details about LA in this post (thanks Rick McDonald )


Terminal Map of LAX (thanks Betty Baker)