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    PDM - tasks failed to run for entire day (maybe more?)

    Paul Marsman

      As many do, we have actions on the release of a drawing/part/assembly to export pdf/step/dxf files as actions in the transition.

      A user came to me and said that a bunch of his pdf/step files were of old revisions still.  Looked at the task log for failed tasks but for the 30+ files that were released that day I only have one single task that ran.  Also have them setup to email myself if any tasks fail, but never saw any emails. The day before, everything ran fine, and 4 days later everything ran fine.  This is the only time I've seen this where the tasks never get started.


      My VAR says "PDM Tasks are great time savers and they usually perform as expected - but they aren’t 100% reliable.  Glitches can happen and then the task doesn’t run or doesn’t complete as expected.  Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on the results of the tasks to be certain they are coming out as expected.".  This is UNACCEPTABLE!  Ok, so they also said they are trying to find a way to run a report to validate what has been released without an export happening properly with out-of-the-box stuff, otherwise I need to pay them to write a script to check this.


      I'm concerned that this has happened other times and if we re-order parts, they will be made to old revisions.



      1. Anyone have an idea why the tasks never made it to the "Task List"

      2. Anyone know of a way to report which items don't match latest release

           (I do have the tasks set to create a reference the source file)

      3. Anyone ever see anything like this before?  I'm looking for a root cause!!!!!!

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          Paul Wyndham

          When reading your write-up I kept thinking about failed tasks I have seen in the past. They were caused by network issues or the task computer being offline or something external. But then I realized you said they never even made it to the task list. That means it had to be something internal to the workflow that didn't work.


          That makes me think I would need to walk through the vault/workflows and:

          • Make sure all the users have permission to activate the tasks.
          • Make sure the tasks are set to correctly work for the appropriate file type -- don't create a dxf file for a sldprt file.
          • Were the files in the correct states?
          • Is it positive that it only happened this one time?


          If the transition happened but the task was not sent to the task list there must have been some condition of the transition that did not meet the requirements of the files went around the wrong way.


          I have had a huge number of tasks not complete, but if the transition worked correctly they were always in the list.

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              Paul Marsman


              Thanks for the reply.  Yeah, the weird thing is I came to the same conclusion that it had to be something internal.... except not with the workflow since it has been this way for quite some time and as you will see below, not really an option.  So here are some images to help paint the picture.


              All files went through here on this day starting from Development Pending Approval through on to Development Released:


              I am actually the one that did the "Approve" transition on all of these and the two automatic transitions just verify that my name got put on the data card really.  The only way to be in the "Development Released" state is to go through the "All Approved" transition. And here is all the info on that:


              All our tasks are specifically run by our "epdmtask" user on a dedicated server.


              So the transition DID happen as you can see and everything is in order for it (it hasn't changed and works fine).


              I was able to find some example "Report Generator" files in the KB that allowed me to export the Revision Variable for all the files I wanted to from our vault.  I ran a couple different times and put into Excel and manually went through every pdf we have in our released folder (that is where they all go) and double back and forth checked ALL drawings revisions matched the pdf sitting in the folder.  If not it was because the file is already being revised again and so I marked it as such, or the task never ran (the issue I'm talking here about).  So all said and done out of over 1300 pdfs the files from this specific day are the ONLY ones that didn't match revision that should be there.


              So, I manually re-ran the tasks to bring them all up to date. (pdf/dxf/step) and now I don't know what else to look at for a root cause!  I even had our IT Department look through their logs for that day and they said there was nothing that happened that should have caused an issue with any of our PDM Vaults.


              So I'll keep looking, but don't know where next.