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    What is the zoom factor considered for view scale?

    Kranthi Kumar

      I was trying the view scale factor in drawings and found that the view is not getting scaled as per the specified ratio.

      I mean the distance from the page bottom to the block bottom is 41.486 mm (at 1:1 scale) then at 1:2 scale the distance should be 82.972 mm but it is showing as 73.236 mm. I have kept the sheet scale constant (1:1) and changing the view scale.

      What am i doing wrong or is there any other zoom factor that solidworks is considering when scaling.


      At 1:1 scale



      At 1:2 scale



      Thanking you,


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          Sachin Murigesh

          Scaling doesn't work that way.When you scale it'll scale the length of the entities in the drawing view.

          Check how you are calculating 82.xxx.



          dist_from_bottom = (X-Y*(scale_factor))

          from your image,  Y(half of block length) = 130/2 = 65

          X(half of sheet height, from image) = 106.486

          for scale 1:1, dist_from_bottom = (106.486-65*1) = 41.486

          for scale 1:2 dist_from_bottom = (106.486-65*(1/2)) = 73.986 (roughly equal to the value shown in SW drawing)


          of course above calculations depends how your drawing view is located wrt the centre of the drawing sheet