Josh Hixon

PDM Standard and Professional Administration. (What you need to know)

Discussion created by Josh Hixon on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by Elizabeth Plasencia

I have been looking at every PDM admin related question and discussion I can get my hands on to learn what other PDM admins are doing, and find whats good and bad or things that cause issues. I have created this discussion to hopefully start a valuable discussion that others who are just starting as PDM admins can look at to learn from others experience and expertise. Feel free to post links to valuable topics that have already been discussed. Topics to discuss here:

  • Early mistakes you made, and how to avoid them.
  • Major Issues you have had to tackle, and how you solved them.
  • Things you didn't foresee that you could have addressed early on to avoid a major headache.
  • Major things to avoid doing in your PDM vaults.
  • Tips and tricks that you wish you knew from the start.
  • Links to discussions and questions that every PDM admin should look at.
  • Anything you find as valuable information for PDM admins to know.


PDM admins, this is your chance to showcase your knowledge while helping every new admin learn what you wish you knew from the very start. (And maybe learn a thing or two as well.)