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Diameter Symbol Not Showing in Feature Sketch Dimensions

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Nick Tzallas

I seem to be having some trouble with the Diameter Symbol not showing up in the diameter Dimensions of features.


This is not the same as the <MOD-DIA> issue


I dimension the sketch as a diameter across a centerline and yet the Diameter symbol does not appear in the dimension. Nor does it carry over into the drawing.

I though that maybe a made a mistake and the sketch dimension was recognized as linear instead of diametrical/radial but if you click on the dimension it does give you the option to switch to radial. Also the leader options in the dimensions property manager do have radial/ diametrical selections available

So I would assume that it is indeed being picked up as a diameter dimension


Is there some setting in my document properties or somewhere else that I have forgotten to select/deselect? or anything else I might have missed?

This is driving me bonkers


Using a slightly modified ANSI document property standard

SW 2016 SP 3.0

Win10 Pro 64bit