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Link Annotation / Note directly to global variable value

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Jan 23, 2018
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I have a feature and it's dimensions are driven/linked to Global variables

The resultant dimensions in the model feature profile (after equations/variables are calculated out) have prefixes and tolerances on them as well.

I am trying to create an annotation/note that links to the global variable output value rather than the display dimension in the feature profile. i.e get the numeric value of the variable without the tolerances applied or the prefixes. I also would like to avoid having the space "bug" that appears in notes when you link to dimensions that have tolerances and prefixes

Is there anyway you can callout the global variable directly in the note rather thane the feature dimension that is linked to said global variable?






Just noticed this option in the property manager window.

It is an aimprovement but for some reason doesn't carry over the decimal places. Example displays 2 d.p instead of 3.dp of actual dimension)

Still would would appreciate any deeper insight, if anyone has an idea




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