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Where are all the manufactuer imported part attributes (sizes, circuits, 3d models etc)?

Question asked by Jacob Murray on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by Jacob Murray

So I was under the impression that Solidworks Electrical had over 500,000 parts form different suppliers in their library. However after paying for the software I found these had to be downloaded from their portal (which is fine) but what I've now realised is that 99% of these parts are incomplete. In Solidworks Electrical almost all of them don't have the most basic information needed to make line drawings/schematics/3d assemblies. Surely I must be missing something - does anyone know if these are just generally not included when downloading the files form the Solidworks Electrical Portal? Would be pretty pointless if parts don't have 3d models or any circuit information.... Most don't even have a line diagram symbol with them.


For example, this is all the information included with most parts, just a reference number, manufacture details and a couple of other details.