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    The object invoked has disconnected from its clients

    Thomas Hotchkin

      Hi all,


      Thanks to the great help here my PDM task worked great for a few weeks, until we updated to Solidworks 2018, which no longer supports ExportFlatPatternView.


      I now have to use ExportToDWG2 which is much more complicated to use.


      I have attached the relevant code below, which is mostly copied from the example provided in the API help. It seems to mostly be okay, except the last line bRet = swModel.ExportToDWG2 which gets an error "The object invoked has disconnected from its clients". From my understanding this is because swModel no longer exists, but I am not sure why or how to fix it.


      Would anyone be able to suggest how to get this working again?


      Thank a lot,


      If sheetMetal <> 0 Then
                  Dim bRet As Boolean
                  Dim sfilePath As String
                  sfilePath = swModel.GetPathName
                  Dim varAlignment As Variant
                  Dim dataAlignment(11) As Double
                  dataAlignment(0) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(1) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(2) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(3) = 1#
                  dataAlignment(4) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(5) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(6) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(7) = 1#
                  dataAlignment(8) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(9) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(10) = 0#
                  dataAlignment(11) = 1#
                  varAlignment = dataAlignment
                  Dim options As Long
                  options = 1
                  bRet = swModel.ExportToDWG2(savePath, sfilePath, 1, True, varAlignment, False, False, options, Null)
              End If