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Smart Dimension problem with 2017 Solidworks - Academic Version

Question asked by Damian Ogbonna on Jan 20, 2018

I installed Solidworks 2017 Student Version for the first time in my laptop. It works well, except that the Smart Dimension command does not function properly. When I select an entity to dimension it, the dimension lines will not be displayed when the cursor is moved in the graphics window. However, when I click a location to position the dimension value, the dialog box appears, allowing me to input the value and save it. But the value is not visible as well. So both the dimension lines and the dimension value are not visible. That is problem 1.


The other problem is that the smart dimension command and its icon will not shut off even though the ESC command is pressed many times. It just stays there and makes it impossible to dimension another entity.


I thought the problem could be with the installation of the software. So I uninstalled the software and did a new download and installation, yet the problem is still there.


Any help out there?