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Imported step file doesnt show colors

Question asked by Devin Gibson on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Richard Gergely

Recently I have tried to import several .step files of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies into SolidWorks that were created by our Electrical Engineer in Altium. When the file is imported, everything goes as expected except the apperance of the PCA is entirely gray (the default SolidWorks gray) instead of the colors I am expecting. I think I know what caused the problem I just don't know how to fix it.


Here is what happened:


The first time I tried to import the most recent .step file I'm working with I got the "template is not valid" error, which I had to go through for each individual PCA part, when I did complete the process I had my PCA as a SolidWorks assembly as expected, the colors for all the parts were there. First thing I did after that was search how to fix the error. The first solution I found said to resave/recreate the assembly template file. When I did that and tried to re-import the .step file the error was gone, but the PCA was no longer imported with all the colors. When I tried importing a second .step file to see if the missing colors was a consistent problem, the "template is not valid" error came back. I went to the internet again to find a solution and I found the forums talking about making sure the default template settings were correct. I have made sure that was correct and now I no longer get the error, but every step file that I import still does not display all of the colors. I tried redirecting the default template paths back to templates of olders version of SolidWorks, but problem remained.


So , I am pretty sure the change happened when I saved a new version of the assembly template file, but I can't find any information on how to fix that, or how to create a new assembly template file that will import the colors with the part. Additionally, when I open the step file in eDrawings it shows the PCA how I wold expect--part with all the colors--so I am pretty sure it isn't an issue with the .step file being the right file type to import colors. I'm almost certain it is a SolidWorks issue.


Anyway, and help would be greatly appreciated because I really don't want to have to color the whole PCA again. Thanks!



I had a co-worker import the same .step file onto his computer, SW2014, and the file loaded as expected. So now I am pretty sure its my copy of SW or something to do with my settings.


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