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Why is PART NUMBER not uniform between Parts, Drawing files and ToolBox

Question asked by Andrew Provost on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Ruben Balderrama

For every part we create, we use the Custom properties to define PART NUMBER and DESCRIPTION.  1. SLDPRT Custom Properties.JPG

Then inside a drawing you can use the TABLE BOM and select CUSTOM PROPERTY > PART NUMBER

2. SLDDRW BOM Table Customer Properties.JPG

Now if I use a Tool box part they have a field PART NUMBER, for example "11127"

3. ToolBox Part Number Call out.JPG

But it is a "SolidWorks" PART NUMBER not a "user" CUSTOM PROPERTY > PART NUMBER

So it looks like the file name is the "PART NUMBER"  well tell me who uses just a "PART NUMBER" in a file name. 

Is that what I need to do?  Doubt we will be able to.

4. SLDDRW BOM Table Default Part Number.JPG


So, you would think that this high tech software would be able to have a PART NUMBER across part, drawings, and add in components that was all linked.  Someone please explain why not? or better how to do it?  I do even recall out of the box there was a "Part No." and I had to make PART NUMBER to just get the part connected to the drawing.  This is the most basic feature I think.  Frustrated.  Educate me, please.