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Dimensions (Incorrectly) Jump to Edge of Sheet

Question asked by Isabel Gruenhagen on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by Solid Air
I created a drawing for a part a few months ago and all was well.  Today when I go to re-open it, I find that in three of my four dimensioned views, one "end" of each dimension has attached itself to the edge of the sheet instead of the desired part edge.  Dragging does not correct the issue.  The view that has not been affected is a detail view of one of the affected views.  New views seem to dimension okay, though I have not tried saving, closing, and re-opening with a new dimensioned view.  My *preference* is not to have to recreate and redimension all views -- it would be to adjust whatever setting etc. is causing the issue.  Googling has not brought anything even remotely similar to light, so I'm at quite a loss!