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Attribute default values

Question asked by Lynne Toland on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by Evan Stanek


Newbie here.

I want to add a default value to attributes on a symbol that represents a custom (PCB) part. Right now the attribute shows as #P_TAG_0. I need to give it a unique identifier (like Ja) that shows on the drawing that I can understand so that when I edit the terminals I know which connection point I am editing. It will not really be Ja, I just need to identify the point. I did a workaround where I edited the terminals and gave them a temporary "Ja" label, so I would then print it out and add the signal codes and true "J" numbers. It's a pain, and when I edit the symbol (for example to add a connection point) all that disappears.

(BTW, I am a longtime AutoCAD Electrical user, and that may be confusing me conceptually!)