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Question asked by Tomas Yaczik on Jan 18, 2018
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To be more specific, I have a dimension variable in a design table that has a different value between configurations. The value of the cell that drives the dimension variable output is determined by a function created in visual basic. The value that it outputs for each configuration is correct in the cells, however the dimension in the model chooses only to be whatever the first configuration in the lists value is for that dimension (i.e. config 1 dim =10, config2 dim = 110, dim will only update to 10) The only thing I could think to try was to set the feature properties of the table to allow model edits to update design table, typed in what the correct dimension should be in the dimension property itself and hoped that would work, but it did not. Also having issues with dimension variables in the design table flat out not linking to model variables at all; (the dimension doesn't change color to indicate design table driven and I can edit freely and it wont update to design table value) I have no idea how to fix this? any ideas?