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Complex Parametric Equation Driven Curve

Question asked by Rodney Martin on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by Rodney Martin

I am creating a path for a compound coil spring.  I have the equations made, and they work... However there are two problems.


1.  When I change parameters, the curve created does not regenerate.

2.  The curve is not fixed, and there is apparently no relationship between the part csys, and the csys within the feature itself.  I need to align the two. 


There is a strange flag in the model tree.  It shows something about my variable "thick" that it doesnt like.  I see absolutely no reason for it.  Its just a constant. 


The parametric curve will regenerate, despite this flag.  But, like I said... If I dont go into the sketch, and do something in there to trigger it, changes to my variables do not change the curve.  Thats kind of the point of this.  What gives?