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How to remove PDF Architect and ads

Discussion created by Brian Cooke on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by Marc Wilson

Since PDF Creator was removed from the installation manager, we now have to download it manually. Part of the PDF Creator install is the option to also install PDF Architect. Or rather, is the option to NOT install, since it is enabled by default. Well, many people (such as myself) were not aware that it isn't necessary and should be unchecked. Around black friday I started getting ads popping up from PDF Architect, with no way to disable them. PDF Architect is also not listed in the list of programs in the control panel. Uninstalling PDF Creator does NOT uninstall PDF Architect.


Maybe you've already figured all that out.


For all those frustrated by those stupid ads for the unneeded software, here is the uninstaller:

The remover can remove all versions of PDF architect. When i ran it, I found that I had architect 3,4,and 5 installed!