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Stop a drawing referencing large number of parts, showing all the parts in search results when any one part is searched for

Question asked by andy willis on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by John Matrishon

I've been producing reference drawings for our workshop, that reference 20 parts/assemblies per sheet. If the drawing is checked into our Workgroup vault, and I then go back and search for a different assembly that happens to use one of the parts called in on the reference drawing, ALL the parts from the reference drawing appear in the search results. This has got frustrating for my colleagues, as they search for a drawing that should just reference one part, and suddenly they get a screen full of files in the search result.


I was wondering if there's a way of checking the drawing into the vault, without it being linked to all the parts called into it, but still be able to check it out with all the parts if I need to.


To avoid the search result problem, I currently keep all the reference drawings on my local drive (deleted them from the vault), then when I want to open one up, I have to list all the parts it needs, and manually check them all out. This is obviously a bit of a workup.


I hope that makes sense - any advice welcome.