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Why doesn't StrokeScribe display QR codes on my drawing from PDM?

Question asked by Bill Wolcott on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Michael K.

I am trying to edit a drawing, but when I open it up from the PDM, the area where there should be a QR code is blank. It is selectable, and I can double click it to get into the StrokeScribe Control Properties. But no matter what I choose, it remains blank. We use the Datamatrix option, if that's any help. My co- workers are able to see the images. I have the same version of Solidworks and StrokeScribe they do, I even have a newer work station than they do! Is there a hidden option somewhere in Solidworks to display the QRs? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have to use one of their computers in order to complete my work, and I doubt that will be the last time we use QRs. Thanks!