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Part Configuration Grouping

Question asked by Peter Anthony on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Josh Brady

Hi Guys,


Bit of a difficult one here, hoping there's a solution.


We have various custom toolbox items in our library,


One is a nut - this is a part with several configurations - each configuration is a different size of nut (M3, M4, M6 etc).

Each configuration for this nut has a different description. (M3, M4, M6 etc)


The other is a Rivet - this is a part with several configurations - each configuration is a different length (12mm, 13mm, 14mm, etc)

Each configuration for this rivet has the SAME description (RIVET ect) - the reason for this is because the change in length is only necessary as to make the rivet look "geometrically correct" in an assembly. We don't purchase rivets in 1mm length increments - they come in one size - the configurations in 1mm length increments allow our designers to select a suitable length so that our drawings and models look nice. We don't want massive 50mm long rivets hanging out of holes that are only 6mm (2x3mm sheet) long.


This is all good and well and achievable in Solidworks as far as creating the parts goes - however I have not been able to make a BOM display correctly when the above are in the same assembly.


The Nut having multiple configurations with DIFFERENT descriptions displays fine - 2 lines for 2 different items.

The Rivet on the other hand - having multiple configurations with the SAME description (as they are the same item, just geometrically different) shows incorrect - 2 lines for 1 item.




I have tried the different Part Configuration Grouping options in the BOM settings all to no avail.


Hoping someone can help us solve this difficult problem.

See attached zip file containing example.