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Does pulling parts from too many different file locations slow down an assembly?

Discussion created by Josh Hixon on Jan 17, 2018
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I am posting this as a discussion because I believe there is going to be many opinions on this matter.


My situation:

Currently, we use PDM standard and are upgrading to Professional very soon. The previous Admin had a bit different view than I do on file structure. Our files are in so many locations, I feel that it is slowing down some of our bigger assemblies. For example, the hardware is located in one branch of our file structure, while a standard plate is down another, and the standard plate's drawing lives down yet another web of the file structure. Our 50 parts of the assembly are located down more than 30 different file paths. Many parts live in different places than their drawings and nearly no parts live with the subassembly they belong to. It seems to me that the computer is having to access so many different places, that it slows down our models. What are peoples thoughts on this actually impacting the performance of models? "Cleaning up" the file structure is going to take a long time as we have over 100,000 models.


Please keep your comments on how file structure impacts performance. There are plenty of discussions on best types of file structures for different workflows. Like this one (best folder structure for vault )


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