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Guide for thread data parameters in toolbox?

Question asked by Kevin Shields on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Solid Air

Hi All,


I would like to add a tapped hole specification to the solidworks toolbox, but I'm not sure what the various parameters mean (minor diameter inside, advance, etc.). Is there a guide that indicates what these parameters mean? Or could someone help translate these for my part?



Here are the specifications I have:


External Thread, 1.035"-40.0, UNS-2AInternal Thread, 1.035"-40.0, UNS-2B
Max Major Diameter1.0339"Min Major Diameter1.0350"
Min Major Diameter1.0288"Min Pitch Diameter1.0188"
Max Pitch Diameter1.0177"Max Pitch Diameter1.0234"
Min Pitch Diameter1.0142"Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread)1.008"
Max Minor Diameter1.0068"Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread)1.014"