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    What's this fancy new massage that 2018 SP1.0 is flashing?

    Jory Blagden

      Unistalled 2017 SP2.0 completely this am. Win 10 machine. Stand-alone license.

      Installed 2018 SP1.0. Fresh software, right out of the virtual box, .....and now this.


      What the Hades is this? I got it. Office down the hall got it. The PDM server did it when it got updated as well.



      Seriously,...is this the new norm? Can Solidworks not even run for 1 entire day without giving me trouble? I click "ok" and it opens ... but really...WTH?



      The installer give three options: Download and install, download only, or install if you have all the files. We downloaded the files to a network so all could share them without "downloading" everyone's installation. The installer won't let me select a network drive. I copied the folder from the network to my local drive. Then the installer told me "missing files, must download." I mean....cheese-n-rice...


      I looked forward to installing a brand new version of SW and starting fresh today. I was actually excited to drive to work. Moral of the story: SW is still SW. Maybe someday it will run without issues.